Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Skiing Butterpot Park

Today, Tuesday, Brian, Hazen and I took advantage of the super weather and drove the ~20 kms to Butterpot Park to do some cross-country skiing.  The park is closed during the winter so we had to park the cars at the entrance to ski into the skiing area.

Past the kiosk where entrance fees are collected, when open, the land falls away down over some steep hills until we arrive at the beginning of the loop.  The trail follows the roadway between the campsites and was usually groomed to put in a skate-ski trail and a classic trail.  Due to budget cuts its no longer groomed so we had to break trail ourselves, taking turns.

The river where the loop begins was frozen over and covered with snow.

Looking down another river path.

We were at the lowest level in the park where there was no wind and brilliant sunshine.

Looking through the trees towards Butterpot Mountain in the distance.

On the backside of the park and slightly over halfway we stopped for lunch.  We used our skis to sweep the snow off and make room to sit down.

No sooner did we get our food out did a pair of Grey Jays descend on our lunch spot.  Not one bit bashful, they came right to the picnic table to take away our offerings.  In one case taking food right out of Hazen's hand.

We arrived back at the beginning of the loop and started to make our way out of the park climbing up the hills that were so easily skied down when we arrived.

Its not unusual to have rain and warm temperatures after we get a dump of snow.  We got our latest snowfall on Saturday past and tomorrow, Wednesday, we are expecting rain.  I'm glad we took advantage of the chance to get out on an absolutely beautiful day.  Thanks Brian and Hazen!

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

More snow, secret location

Sunday night into Monday we got a 32 cm dump of snow.  It wasn't much fun shoveling the driveway but it made for great snowshoeing.

I mailed Hazen to see if he was interested and he was so we met to trek through some trails for a couple of hours.

The snow was accompanied by strong winds but where protected from the wind, it settled on the trees.

Not much calling for park benches this time of year.

We were the first on the trails stomping through virgin powder.

A picnic table shows the depth of new snow.

After two hours we had competed the loop and exited and walked back on snowshoes to the cars. 

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

A snowshoe trek in Bowring Park

Monday we got a dump of 22 cms of fresh snow.  Its beautiful and clean.  Tomorrow, Thursday, its going to be mild with rain and that will turn everything to crap.  So today I took my snowshoes to Bowring Park for a trek through the park.  The main trails were already beaten down by the heavy traffic but I did find some sweet powder to plod through.  The pix speak pretty well for themselves.

Looks like a spot for some whitewater fun!

The Caribou

The Weeping Willow.  How many kisses stolen under it in the heat of summer?

Everything was black and white except this bridge and the lady in the red coat.

Marshmellows in the tree branches.

Even Frosty has something to smile about.

Beautiful, clean, crisp air.  Awesome day!