Wednesday, 4 January 2017

A snowshoe trek in Bowring Park

Monday we got a dump of 22 cms of fresh snow.  Its beautiful and clean.  Tomorrow, Thursday, its going to be mild with rain and that will turn everything to crap.  So today I took my snowshoes to Bowring Park for a trek through the park.  The main trails were already beaten down by the heavy traffic but I did find some sweet powder to plod through.  The pix speak pretty well for themselves.

Looks like a spot for some whitewater fun!

The Caribou

The Weeping Willow.  How many kisses stolen under it in the heat of summer?

Everything was black and white except this bridge and the lady in the red coat.

Marshmellows in the tree branches.

Even Frosty has something to smile about.

Beautiful, clean, crisp air.  Awesome day!

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